We got Minnie and I couldn’t be any happier! She’s a jack cutie. We got her at 10 weeks old. Took her to the vet that same week and absolutely no health issues. She’s very good with out 5 year old daughter. She is now 2 years and I’m So glad we got her. She’s family.

- Fred S.

It’s been 10 days since I picked up our new member of the family – little baby boy.
He is a happy and healthy little boy who’s been bringing us joy and happiness from the second he entered our home.
Super smart, lovable and playful – he really brightened up our home. Had a vet checkup and she said Freddie is absolutely
Thank you!

-Alando K

We have a wonderful, beautiful Girl named Zoey. She came to us from luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com, we are very happy to have received this great addition to our family and we want to use this oppurtinuty to say thank you very much to our lovely house mate Zoey

-Jackson B

Hope this email finds you and your family well. Lillie is doing great she is all potty trained and will sit by the back door when she needs to go out. She plays with everything especially people LOL we are working on that. She is so happy loves following us around the house. She LOVES bath time and all her toys and bones. She is doing good so far she has ate and drank tonight and pottied so she should be back to normal running and playing by tomorrow. She is a great Teddy Bear puppy, All thanks to luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com.

-Alando K

Perfect experience with teddy bear Puppies. We were very impressed by the thorough nature of the process; very quick to respond to an email or answer a question. The big day went off without a hitch; They provided us with a wealth of information about teddy bear care prior to the arrival of our little guy. we adore him! We would recommend teddy bear Puppies. to any responsible prospective pug parent to be. Thanks guys, for everything luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com

-Javis C

Good service, flexible prices. Customer service reps are friendly with customers. luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com are super friendly and knowledgeable puppies. Good experience.Thank you so much

-Jimmy D.

Hey guys!! Thank you soo much for the teddy bear puppy(Livinus)! We really loved him and he is the best and smart Teddy bear pup I have ever found. Your place and service is very good I highly recommend luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com for the chow puppies!

-Malanie V.

Thank you luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com !! We have a very happy 12 year old who has wanted a teddy bear puppy her entire life!! She is in love with “canga!” canga is excellent and we recommend this company to anyone looking for a beautiful, healthy puppy!!!

-Lorez B.

Hey!! Thank you soo much luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com for the puppies! We really loved them and they are the best and cutest Teddy bearpups we have ever found. Your place and service are very good we highly recommend you and your company for the puppies!

-Daniel K.

Want to thank you for this wonderful puppy. She is a LOVELY dog. She herds our children, especially when they are on the swings! She loves to be cuddled and very much enjoys her exercise exactly as you told me! She is very easy to train. Nancy also seems to be pretty low-key and able to amuse herself when life gets busy. She was the star of puppy class and we are told on a regular basis that she is beautiful. We think so too! lol ! I will take some recent pictures to send your email as I promised. Nancy is quite small but that is nice since she sleeps on our bed at night! So thank you for our wonderful companion.


Hey there ,Our family wants to thank you for all the time and attention you gave us in helping us get our wonderful new puppy home. She is a doll! We have named her Phili to honor her birth state. She has a great personality…cuddly, curious, active and a little stubborn! She fits right in the luxuriousteddybearpuppies.com. We thank you so very much and also thank God for directing us to your site. Hope all is well.


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